Crypto Exchange - investments in Stablehouse

Isn't news to anyone that crypto are here to stay and, although their intrinsic value is debatable, they have something no one can deny: the ability to validate transactions without an entity, government or organisation. Anybody that's starting this investment journey, there's a ton of information out there and, some of them, quite misleading and probably scams. If you're starting this journey, Stablehouse is a very good place to kick off. If you're already an experienced or enthusiastic investor, Stablehouse keeps being a great place to put your money.



This article is for entertaining and educational purposes it's not intended to be financial advice. Make sure you do your own research and all your investments are your own unique responsibility.


📈 Investments

As my golden rule, I only invest money I'm willing to lose and money I don't need in the next 10 years. This way, I can develop a much greater resistance to loss. Besides ETF and blue chip stocks, I believe there's value within crypto, like I've mentioned before. So here's my favourite ones:

  • BTC - Bitcoin
  • ETH - Ethereum

That's correct! Very conservative within a non-conservative asset. At this moment, I don't have much in these assets and I can show you guys what I do have in Stablehouse:

BTC & ETH Assets at Stablehouse

These assets, as of date of this blog post, make a APY of 6% calculated weekly. It's the stable as you can get. If you register with Stablehouse using my referral link, you can get 40 USDC back after your first deposit within a certain period of time. It's free money!


👔About Stablehouse

Stablehouse is a company based in Bermudas that is backup from XBTO, a very well-known established company. 



As of today (2022-08-17) Stablehouse released a new rate update, reducing 12% APY into 8%. See all the rates and APY here.